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I've been busy with my internet marketing adventures (MIMA)...but almost all of it has been Entrecard related. I established my EntreCarder blog with the plan to cover the details of my Entrecard activities there instead of here on this blog. So, turning back to MIMA, I am slowly working toward improving the Ready Health Products website.

Ready Health is owned by some of my family members and one of the reasons I am trying to build traffic on a number of blogs is to provide multiple spots for Ready Health ads. No middlemen to pay and that means a good profit margin on each sale. I'm not a coding expert and so blogging was an easy way to start marketing, even though it's taken a lot of time to lay the foundation via Entrecard. Of course, I wouldn't mind making money from other ads on my various blogs, although I figure I'm still a few months and dozens of posts away from that point. One day at a time.

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