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I cringed a few years back when the phrase "web surfing" got picked up by Madison Avenue advertisers, as it seemed so passe to me at the time. I "surfed" the Internet in the mid 90s, before Yahoo made a couple of young guys into millionaires and there really wasn't an easy way to find new sites. You just followed links to wherever they would take you, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

In real life, I like to surf--having learned in Hawaii while living in Honolulu and going to school at UH--and like to bodysurf even more. The fact that I'm 667 miles from my favorite beach does cut down on my opportunities to splash in the waves and occasionally get pounded into the sand. And until this morning I hadn't thought about "web surfing" for a while, either.

Admittedly, I have been chain dropping Entrecards and looking to be efficient in building up my advertising cost for this blog. Yippee!! As of the moment it cost 140 credits to put your Entrecard on this blog and no one is lining up to do so. I've just about cracked the top 10 in the Internet Marketing category at Entrecard and I'm feeling satisfied with my progress...but not so much to keep chain dropping much longer. Life has to move on and as soon as that memory card arrives in the mail today I'm shifting the chain dropping to my 10 year old...cuz I'm going surfing!

I guess I actually did what the Entrecard creators intended I do by using the Entrecard as a link to the next site. In 30 minutes I dropped 50 cards, signed up for a couple of feeds, entered a contest, and READ about 15 posts. Sometimes the "wave" died out and I had to "paddle" back to the dashboard, or more often I would go through BlogCatalog or MyBlogLog to get to the next Entrecard, signing up as a friend or contact with new folks I passed along the way. No, not as efficient from a pure card dropping point of view, but much more satisfying and useful for long-term blog success.

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