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I spent too much time today messing with templates and trying to figure out how to make some minor modifications to Minima. I got off to a productive start by fleshing out my Orem Business Blogring and Provo Business Blogrings and the 10 sites that will be in each one, as well as another 4-5 blogs that pertain to the local area. My advertising plan is to include ads for Ready Health Products, World Vital Records, and Hammaka on each of the blogs, with Google Adsense being the only other ads. These blogs won't be up and running with content for a couple of weeks minimum. And it's important to know that the reason for having so many sites is that there are tie-ins with some real world business activities that I am involved with, like the Chamber of Commerce. Otherwise I couldn't justify the time expenditure just to have another 25 blogs.

Orem Business Blogring

  • New Orem Businesses
  • Orem Non-Profit Organizations
  • Top Rated Orem Businesses
  • Homegrown Orem Businesses
  • Orem Business VIPs
  • HOBnobbing in Orem
  • Open or Closed in Orem
  • Big Big Biz in Orem
  • Orem Professionals
  • Provo Orem Chamber News

    Provo Business Blogring
  • Top Rated Provo Businesses
  • Homegrown Provo Businesses
  • New Provo Businesses
  • Provo Non-Profit Organizations
  • Provo Business VIPs
  • Big Big Biz in Provo
  • HOBnobbing in Provo
  • Open or Closed in Provo
  • Provo Professionals
  • Provo Orem Chamber News

    Other Local Blogs
  • Get Rid Of It Now
  • Utah County Auctions & Ads
  • Where In Provo Am I?
  • Where in Orem Am I?
  • Top Local News
  • Utah County Job Finders
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