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I've been grinding the past week getting my main blog, Intunique, up and running. It's been an interesting learning curve to say the least! I've tried a couple of times to get a blog about intelligence and personality started in the past, but after reading a couple other blogs about blogging, I made the decision to host my own blog on my own domain. I still have my blogger site that will have similar info but with a different look and different widgets.

Installing wordpress wasn't all that bad and I only had to ask my programmer son for help on a couple of sticky spots. But it's not like I want to go and repeat the process tomorrow! Instead I am planning on starting blogs here on blogger and if things go well, like I actually write in them more than once a month and I'm getting some traffic, I'll consider moving them to my own domains. It's just so easy to get started on blogger and this morning I created about 40 blogs, bringing my total here on blogger to over 50.

Why? It's not that I like to write all that much and most of these blogs will be in the neighborhood of 2-3 entries a week on average. But as long as I'm going up the learning curve on blogging, advertising, linking, communities, directories, feeds, etc., I might as well leverage that knowledge as best I can. The economies of scale that result from having multiple blogs makes sense if I can keep up on everything...which only time will tell. Also, the ability to create my own rings, will allow me to drive traffic back and forth between related blogs that I'm writing.

How many is too many? I'd like to have 100 blogs!

Today's big adventure was to create a spreadsheet with all the blogs, advertisers, communities, directories, feeds, etc., so that I can keep track of what I'm doing. That, and starting to write in them!

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