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Updating Social Network Profiles  

I've got dozens of profiles scattered around the internet on various sites like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Orkut, and more. Many of them allow for posting links or graphics to blogs and websites and I spent some time recently updating some of these profiles to reflect my current activities. I've stopped promoting Ready Health Products and Goyin, primarily due to my 75 year old mother throwing in the towel and saying "enough." For the time being I'm listing The Entrecarder as my main blog, but I'm not sure how long that will last. I've enjoyed my 20+ Entrecard accounts and have been able to make some money from harvesting Entrecard Credits (ECs), but it's become somewhat of a chore to drop cards and so I'm pulling back to focusing on two blogs, this one and The Entrecarder.

I also spent some time cleaning up my presence in MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog, as well as creating an Entrecard "community" on Ning and publishing an Entrecarder lens on Squidoo. Rosemary Smekal introduced to and I established a profile there and recorded my first podcast, which can be accessed via the widget in the sidebar of this blog. I've still got plenty of updating to do on various sites and only time will tell whether or not I stick with this approach to publicizing my blogs.

Counting all my blogs I have created more than 100 original entries since the first of the year, some which took a minute of two and others which took over an hour to write. Just as when I was a radio talk show host, I can honestly say that I haven't been bitten by the "bug", that thing that drives one to keep at it and continue to want more. I'm starting to think that I'll look into developing some of my websites, a more difficult task than mere blogging in that I have to bone up on on html. The idea of having more static content is becoming more appealing at this point.

Overall I expect that I'll pull back from my internet marketing adventures and seek to spend more of my time in more traditional (and reliable) income production. I've been having fun...but more money means more fun and I need to focus on money more than I have been so far this year.

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