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One of the prizes that I won as part of's "One Heck of a Giveaway" Contest in January was 200 pages from OBW uses a similar model to Graham Langdon's Million Dollar Wiki, only the pages currently sell for $1 instead of MDW's $100 per page price tag. How do these pay per page wikis work? From MDW's FAQ page we read:

Every page is dedicated to a unique word or phrase. The content on each page is controlled by the page’s owner. Owners use the site, and specifically their page, as a vehicle to generate traffic, revenue or publicity.

And from the same FAQ re Why Buy A Page?:

There are many of benefits in purchasing a page. As a page owner you:

* Secure an exclusive niche in a growing micro-economy.
* Raise awareness of your website, product, or service.
* Own a keyword or phrase that perfectly represents and brands your business.
* Cultivate a heightened web presence.
* Share traffic generated by the entire community.
* Join a resourceful community of motivated entrepreneurs.
* Receive storage space on our server for your page's content.
* Link quality content to your relevant website for better SEO.

There are also many ways to directly earn a profit from owning a page.

* Sell products or services off your page.
* Sell ad spots or use Google AdSense.
* Resell your wiki page (developed or not) at a later date.

So I was pretty happy when Max, from sent me a congratulatory email and I started on the task of picking keywords that I wanted. It took hours to come up with about 190 keywords and keyword phrases! Some of my chosen words related to sites that I have started or will start in the near future and other keywords I lifted from the MDW's most popular list.

Even if One Buck Wiki never reaches critical mass and my 200 keywords languish and fail to develop any real value, the exercise of choosing them was a valuable one. I've been so focused on the Entrecard / blogger aspect of my internet marketing adventures that I needed to pull back and remember that blogging is just a small part of a larger picture.

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